Women's Soccer to host 20th annual Indoor Tournament Saturday

Women's Soccer to host 20th annual Indoor Tournament Saturday

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. --- The Tusculum University women's soccer team is hosting its 20th annual indoor tournament this Saturday (Feb. 16) at the TU Indoor Practice Facility on the Greeneville campus from 10 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

Fifteen (15) teams representing college, university and club teams will be participating as well as three alumni teams from Tusculum will be playing in this year's event.  The alumni teams include 30 former TU student-athletes including program Wall of Fame inductees Tramicka James, Courtney Outen, Michelle Meade, Carlie Thornber and Olivia Kilgore to name just a few.

Colleges and universities represented include Tusculum, ETSU, Lindsey Wilson, Milligan, King and the University of the Cumberlands.

There is no charge for admission for the tournament and the public is welcome to attend.  There will be two fields with matches taking place every 25 minutes starting at 10 a.m. and concluding the with the championship final at 5:15 p.m.

2019 Tusculum University Women's Soccer Indoor Tournament

Start Time

Field A

Field B

10:00:00 AM

A4 vs. A5

A3 vs. A2

10:25:00 AM

B2 vs. B3

B4 vs. B5

10:50:00 AM

C5 vs. C4

C3 vs. C2

11:15:00 AM

A1 vs. A2

A3 vs. A4

11:40:00 AM

B1 vs. B2

B3 vs. B4

12:05:00 PM

C1 vs. C2

C3 vs. C4

12:30:00 PM

A5 vs. A1

A2 vs. A4

12:55:00 PM

B5 vs. B1

B2 vs. B4

1:20:00 PM

C5 vs. C1

C2 vs. C4

1:45:00 PM

A3 vs. A1

A2 vs. A5

2:10:00 PM

B3 vs. B1

B2 vs. B5

2:35:00 PM

C3 vs. C5

C4 vs. C1

3:00:00 PM

A1 vs. A4

A3 vs. A5

3:25:00 PM

B1 vs. B4

B3 vs. B5

3:50:00 PM

C1 vs. C3

C5 vs. C2

4:10 - 4:20 PM



4:20:00 PM

Play off W (#4 vs. #5)

Playoff X (#3 vs. #6)

4:40- 4:50 PM



4:50:00 PM

Semi Final (#1 vs. W)

Semifinal  (#2 vs. X)

5:15:00 PM




Group A

Group B

Group C

ETSU 1 (A1)

Lindsey Wilson 1 (B1)

Lindsey Wilson 2 (C1)

Tusculum 1 (A2)

ETSU 2 (B2)

Tusculum Alumni 3 (C2)

Milligan 1 (A3)

Tusculum Alumni 1 (B3)

SWVA Rush (C3)

Tusculum Alumni 2 (A4)

King1 (B4)

King  2 (C4)

U Cumberlands 1 (A5)

Tusculum 2 (B5)

U Cumberlands 2 (C5)